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Tarocash: How to achieve the Perfect Fit

Tarocash, Level 2

Fit is important with all clothes, but even more so when it comes to formal wear and finding the perfect suit, and many will say there is nothing better than a customised fit. Tailoring compliments your unique body type and occasion needs, whether you’re the Groom or a Groomsmen, or it’s the long-awaited School Formal, we always want to get you looking your best!

But what does it take to get that perfect fit?

You’ve undoubtedly noticed an upswing in the amount of fit options that are now available to you in the suiting range.


This is a neat fitting suit that shows more definition.  It is cut close to the chest and shoulders, for the confident guy who wants a lean look.


As you can guess based on the name, it is slim fitted to your body to flatter your body shape. This style is popular with a tidy fit on the chest and arms – an all-rounder suit that is flattering for every body, shape and occasion. 


This is the traditional style cut and tends to be a looser fit around the body, in both the jacket and the pants. An all-around more relaxed fit, but this style can still be seamlessly tailored to ensure the perfect fit.

After choosing the style there are then several other factors worth considering, let us explain:


Starting with the fit of the shoulders, if it’s too big or too small - put it back. For the best fit, they should hug your natural form with no overhang.


Quick tip when checking the chest space – slip your hand into your suit jacket when it is buttoned up, if you struggle to get your hand in, it’s too tight. If it’s a snug fit, it’s the right fit – easy!


The golden rule of the jacket length is when standing up straight, your jackets’ hem should only just cover the pockets of your trousers. Or another way to check is with your arms by your sides, the bottom of your jacket and knuckles should be even.


Your jacket sleeve’s hem should finish at the base of your thumb, where it meets your wrist. You should be able to see around ½ inch of your shirt cuff when wearing your blazer.

Suit Bottoms:

The break-in suit pants is the fold or creasing of fabric just above the bottom of the pant leg where it meets your shoe, which can be seen from the front. One inch of break is seen as the most classic fit for your suit pants; however, this is all down to preference.  For a more modern look you can have your pants taken up at the hem, so it sits nicely on the top of your shoes heal.

We know that not all men were created the same, all different heights and sizes and that’s why a tailor can be your best friend!

As always at Tarocash, we want to make your shopping even easier!

We can get you that perfect fit with our own personalised tailoring service! We can manage all your alterations with our hassle-free experience from start to finish, available in all our stores!


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