All the feels: winter's new textures


All the feels: winter's new textures

Don’t you love the feeling of running your fingertips over soft wool or cashmere knits? How about fluffy feathers or the touch of suede? Winter offers up an amazing range of textures when it comes to our fashion.

Mix up the texture of your outfit from head to toe, whether it's in stitch detail, jacquard fabric or metal hardware. You won’t just catch feelings from texture this season – you’ll definitely catch a few appreciative eyes running over your look.

Among all the lovely winter texture we find on our clothes and accessories, a trending hue to keep an eye out for is red. I’m no fan of colour, however there’s something about red that appeals to me. The closest I’ve got yet to adding red to my wardrobe has been the internal lining of my black handbag! I’m vowing to break bad habits this winter by adding a touch of red this season along with my favourite textured pieces.

Feathers, jacquard and gold hardware

Pictured clockwise, from left to right: Colette by Colette Hayman Chain Link Wristwear, Rollneck Top from Max, Jacket from Decjuba, Earrings from Swarovski, Jacquard Skirt from Forever New and Beau Coops Boots from Scarpa.

Wool, cashmere and embroidery

Pictured clockwise, from left to right: Michael Hill ladies stone set watch in stainless steel Colette Dinnigan glasses from Specsavers, Seed mid-rise turndown jean, Rodd & Gunn Goldfinch street scarf, Sweater from Seed Heritage, Reversible Coat from Max, Shoes from Decjuba and Red Clutch Bag from Country Road.

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