5 easy ways to style your outdoor area


5 easy ways to style your outdoor area

While the weather may not be the ideal warmth, that doesn’t mean you can’t host family and friends over in your backyard, patio, or balcony area! It’s always a treat to cosy up with your loved ones outdoors, especially when you’ve got the perfect set-up all ready to go.

Don’t have it yet? Fret not – here are some tips you’ll find handy when styling your outdoor area.

Cosy up with lounge chairs and sofas

Setting the scene of your outdoor area starts with furniture. Regardless of whether you’re throwing a small dinner party, or looking to enjoy a quiet, well-deserved evening to yourself, comfortable and durable furniture is the way to go. We highly recommend getting a weather-resistant sofa (or two) – depending on the space available – because they’re great for lounging on, accommodating guests, and best of all – looking pristine and stylish even after it’s been rained on.

Add on a quaint outdoor coffee table, and you've got your staples sorted. Check out Kmart, Redcurrent and Farmers for amazing options in different aesthetic styles!

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If your outdoor area can’t quite fit an outdoor sofa, that’s not a problem. Opt for a beautiful swing chair, lounge chair, or bean bag along with a small side table, and you’re all set.

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Add a pop of colour

Nothing brightens up a space better than vibrant colours. Create the ultimate oasis by adding soft cushions with bright prints and play with textures – some boast fringed tassels or exquisite embroidery. It’s an instant win with added comfort and aesthetic ambience in your outdoor area.

Don’t forget to add a couple of large throws that you and your guests can snuggle up under, especially on cooler nights. Pro tip: Drape your throw over your couch or have a woven basket handy that you can store these in, so your guests can grab them whenever needed.

Shop cushions and throws at Bed Bath N Table, Kmart, Redcurrent and Farmers.

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Decorate it with love

Elevate your outdoor area even further by adding in decorative touches that reflect your personality. It’s your space after all – and you’ll probably be spending lots of time here! Get a stylish set of servingware from Kmart, T2, Stevens, Japan Home Mart for all the cheese platters, chips, and homecooked dishes you’ll be serving up, as well as alluring prints from Typo, YOYOSO.

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Plants make your space even more soothing to be in, and a vase of fresh or artificial flowers adds a finishing touch to the décor. If you’re keen to take your outdoor area to the next level, why not install LED lights, or strip lighting along the walls or the bottom of your coffee table for an extra warm touch?

Shop at Farmers and Bed Bath N Table for a whole range of options.

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Heating is essential

For the ultimate outdoor experience all year round, investing in a fireplace will never fail you. Everyone remains toasty and warm, with the added bonus of toasted marshmallows and s’mores!

If your outdoor area isn’t suitable for a fireplace, a portable heater will do just the same, giving you the flexibility to move it around and place it wherever needed. Alternatively, if you're more keen to affix your heater somewhere permanently, radiant heaters have you covered. Sleek and slim, these will sit nicely on your ceiling and no one will even notice!

Shop outdoor heating options at JB Hi-Fi and Farmers.

Get the party started

Now that you’ve got the set-up all covered, all that’s left is entertainment. Grab a portable Bluetooth speaker and start jamming to your favourite playlist. If you’re looking for some additional inspiration, we have a great Westfield playlist in the Apple Music app, too.

Image source: @jblaustralia available at JB Hi-Fi

Image source: @bose available at JB Hi-Fi

For cosy, relaxed evenings, why not get an outdoor projector for a movie marathons, or board games like Monopoly, Catan and more for never-ending rounds of good (competitive) fun?

Check out Whitcoulls, EB Games and JB Hi-Fi for endless entertainment options.

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