Beauty Thursdays: Grab the girls for a primp and polish


Beauty Thursdays: Grab the girls for a primp and polish

Look, we all wish we could book a last-minute weekend away with the girls (and guys) at a pampering retreat, but it's not always on the cards.

Luckily for you, that pampering catch up you need with your friends is right in front of you. Enter: Westfield Albany on Thursday nights. It's time to grab your besties and head to your local Westfield for a feel-good night out.

First stop: Drinks on the go

Grab a smoothie from Tank or Boost, aim for one full of green veggies to really get that nutrient hit! If you're in more of a cocktails-with-the-gals mode, may we recommend The Merchant Pub Co or All Day Trader to get you started.

Second stop: Relaxation

How many times have you rushed past Golden Sail Massage and gazed longingly before quickly getting back to your shopping list? Well, not tonight! Head in and enjoy taking a bit of time out for yourselves.

Third stop: Nails

No pampering session is complete without a mani-pedi, and Perfection Nails, Everlast or Professionail have you covered, no matter whether you're after a gel, SNS or traditional polish manicure. Make sure to ask if you can be seated with your pal so you can get maximum friend-time! It's good for the soul.

Fourth Stop: Eyebrows

Oprah famously said that getting your eyebrows done correctly can be more effective than a facelift. We tend to agree. Whether you go for a natural look, or you're all about the wow factor, Benefit or Kess has you covered!

Fifth stop: Makeup

Chat to the makeup artists at Mecca or Farmers to find your favourite new lipstick, blush or eyeshadow shades. It never hurts to get some expert opinions!

Sixth stop: Hair

There's nothing like a sneaky trim and blow-out to make you feel amazing. Make a booking or see if there's a walk-in appointment available at Kess Hair & Beauty. Because is there any better feeling than freshly styled hair?

Now you're ready to head out for a late dinner. We recommend checking out our dining presinct located in the Plaza for a variety of options.

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