The lilac hair trend – are you game to try it?


The lilac hair trend – are you game to try it?

Have you heard? Pastel pink has passed its cool-girl crown over to Team Lilac. In fact, it’s being touted as 2019’s standout hair colour. An edgier take on the pastel hair of the last few seasons, lilac falls in both the cool and warm colour families, thanks to its mix of red and blue, which means no matter your skin tone, this chic shade will go down a treat.

Which lilac is for me?

Icy, almost-silver, shades of lilac have been the hot favourite, but there are variations on that theme. If you’re a blonde, choose a soft fade from blonde to vanilla-lilac; while brunettes suit a chocolatey-lilac that’s more understated, yet still high-impact. (It also means those with darker hair won’t have to bleach their hair.)

However, if you do want to achieve that ultra-pigmented, vibrant pop of colour that’s all over Pinterest, you’ll need to go blonde. This is because pastel shades take to light or platinum hair best. Always seek help from the pros, as bleaching hair can be super damaging if not done properly.

An all-over lilac hair makeover is very much of-the-moment, but don’t underestimate the power of subtlety. Flirt with softly blended purple highlights that glisten in the daylight, a lilac-blonde balayage, or opt for a multi-tonal and well-blended colour.

Keep it fresh

Once you’ve achieved your dream lilac shade, you’ll want to devote ample time towards its upkeep, as colour fades fast. In your lilac hair maintenance kit, you’ll need a shampoo and conditioner designed for colour-treated hair, a purple toning shampoo to keep the colour true and vibrant (used in place of your regular shampoo once a week), a UV heat protectant to prevent colour fade, and a hair mask to restore and repair hair that’s been bleached.

Curious but not ready to commit? Test the waters with a temporary hair colour before you make the plunge.

Pictured: Palmers Healthy Scalp kit from Farmers; Body Shop Shea Butter hair mask; Kiehls Amino Acid Shampoo from Kiehls stores or Farmers; Giovanni 2 chic hair mask from Farmers; Toni & Guy Purple Shampoo from Farmers.