Cruise around your centre in a Kiddie Kruzzer


Cruise around your centre in a Kiddie Kruzzer

We all know that when you take the kids along to your local centre their little legs can get tired and a few tantrums and a bit of boredom can ensue.

This is why we do our best to put that to rest with activities like kid’s play areas and of course our Kiddie Kruzzers.

From mini taxis and police cars to lady bugs, your kids can be in a world of play all the time driving around in a Kruzzer. That means you can get on with all the shopping that you need and want to do, and maybe kick back with a coffee too.

Kiddie Kruzzers do come with a small hourly fee of $5 for a single and $8 for a double.

We’ve got Kruzzers parked up at the Customer Service Desk of all of our centres, so all you need to do is talk to our friendly staff to sort it all out and then when you’re finished park it back up. No reversing skills needed!

One thing to remember is that the Kruzzers are meant for the little ones, so while some bigger kids will be tempted to have a go, they must measure themselves against Monty and be under the 100cm height restriction to be able to take one for a spin.

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