Game on: winter's best board games


Game on: winter's best board games

Hands up if it’s been a while since you played a board game? Us too, so we recruited our resident family blogger Patchwork Cactus to try out a few of the new options in stores. The result is that we are all currently planning games nights! Who knew there was so much gold around?

The 5 Second Rule

If you want a game that’s loud, fun and good for a mixed age group, The 5 Second Rule is a great pick. The aim of the game is simply to name three things (from a card prompt) in 5 seconds – cartoon dogs, movies with sequels, European cities and so on. You can play with kids as young as four so long as an adult picks out easy cards for the little ones, so the whole family can have fun playing it. It’s also quite a quick game that you can finish (provided everyone has some success naming things) in about half an hour. It’s stressful and funny and gives some surprising insights into the workings of the players' minds.

Dinosaur Operation

This is a cute one for the kids. They love it, because dinosaurs. Parents will be equally excited because kids as young as five can easily play it independently. It’s similar to the classic game Operation, but instead of buzzing, the dinosaur moves up and down. It’s also a good bit easier than the original so kids as young as three can give it a go. Just to nerd out for a second, from an educational perspective, it's great for developing fine motor control and strengthening the pincer grip, both of which kids need to hold a pencil. So it’s a win from us.

The Game of Things

If you’re looking for a bit of (adults) games night fun, this one’s a total winner. Players are asked a (sometimes provocative) question like ‘Things you don’t want to know about your grandma’ and everyone writes the first thing that comes to mind. Then you read them out loud and guess who wrote what. If you play it with close friends, it’s absolutely hilarious, but it would also be a pretty great getting-to-know-you choice. It comes in a nice wooden box too, so it’s perfect for gifting.


Would you rather wear undies made out of ham or have to massage feet whenever you see them? These are the types of dilemmas this hilarious card game poses to the players. There are 60 cards, all as random and ridiculous as the last and they create over 1000 combinations of odd. You can play the game a few different ways but the bottom line is the same: you have to choose between two options that are completely ridiculous and not at all ideal. As you can imagine, it leads to some pretty strange conversations and surprising personality insights. And because it’s a verbal game, even a five-year-old can weigh in. It’s all sorts of fun.

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