Run, splash, and jump into kids essentials for autumn


Run, splash, and jump into kids essentials for autumn

Autumn is a great season for getting out and about with the whole family. Crunch through leaves at the park, splash in puddles in the street, and embrace the cooler days.

As a transitional season having the right gear for your kids in autumn is essential. A great pair of rain boots, a wind breaking jacket, and easy take-on; take off layers are key.


A great pair of rain boots is essential for every little autumn adverturer. Make sure you buy them with a bit of extra room. This will make getting them on and off a breeze, and leave space for those extra thick socks and tights when winter rolls in.

You'll find some sturdy gumboot options at Cotton On Kids, Country Road, and Kmart.

Find me at Cotton On Kids:


A lightweight jacket to protect against wind and showers is perfect for autumn. Kids can layer up if needed but won't be breaking into a sweat as soon as the sun peaks back out.

Make sure to check that your fave option is definately shower proof, and will work in easily with the rest of your childs wardrobe.

Autumn jackets are in store now at:

Find me at Kmart:


Puffer vests and cardigans make excellent warm layers for autumn. They can be thrown over the top of any outfit and are not too bulky to go into your bag if they are disgarded along the way.

We've found some great puffer vests at Postie, Kmart, Cotton On Kids, and Country Road.

Cute Cardigans are on the now in store at Cotton On Kids, Farmers, and Kmart.

Find me at Postie:

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