5 essential office desk drawer beauty saviours


5 essential office desk drawer beauty saviours

As the work day draws to a close, you'll likely find your attention starting to shift to more important activities. It's been a demanding day and summer drinks are beckoning.

Be ready for any impromptu silly season invite with these top five beauty desk drawer buddies to help you transition your look from corporate to cocktail hour – stat.

1. Foundation powder

Pictured: The Body Shop All-In-One Face Base foundation powder.

Over the course of the day, makeup can shift and your face naturally will get shinier – hello, summer! Fix it all up with a clever 2-in-1 foundation and powder that makes desk application a cinch.

2. Eyebrow pencil

Pictured: M.A.C Veluxe brow liner from M.A.C stores or kiosks in Farmers.

This step does require some precision. But if you choose a brow pencil with a nifty brush on the end, you'll be able to shape and fill in one step – a mutiltasker's dream.

3. Cream eyeshadow

Pictured: Maybelline Eyestudio® Colourtattoo® 24hr Cream Gel eyeshadow in Bad to the Bronze from Life Pharmacy.

Brushes are a no-no when time is tight. Pick up a cream eyeshadow formula instead and master the art of the professional finger smudge.

4. Pigmented lip gloss

Pictured: M.A.C Tendertalk lip balm in Side Dish from M.A.C stores or kiosks in Farmers.

Rich-coloured balms and glosses are more forgiving with application and can be easily adjusted if the rush is real and your outline is a little off. If you appreciate a side of clever with your cosmetics, step into the future with M.A.C's Tendertalk lip balms. Not only do these glossy beauties pack a serious pigment punch while condioning dry lips, the smart formula optimises the tint based on your body chemistry.

5. Spray toner

Pictured: L'Occitane En Provence Immortelle Precious mist.

Feeling fresh is just as important as looking fresh. Achieve both with an ultra-fine mist of toner for a revitalising hit of hydration that will also set your makeup.

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