How to shop seasonally this winter: Fruit


How to shop seasonally this winter: Fruit

Although it may seem like just another a cooking craze, shopping seasonal produce is actually hugely beneficial. Not only is it cheaper and far better for the environment, seasonal produce is also much tastier - saving you from the experience of another floury, lacklustre situation when you next reach for the fruit bowl.

To make things easy, here's your cheatsheet of what's in season for winter so you know what to keep an eye out for next time you're roaming the aisles at New World. Get out your shopping list, because the winners are...


Hass avocados are currently in season, and you'll be able to enjoy their rich, creamy goodness until February.

Picking a ripe avocado: Apart from the avocado becoming softer, hass avocados also go from green to a dark purple-black.

Expand your avocado repertoire beyond avocado toast, with this tempura avocado tacos with avocado cream recipe. This dish tastes even better than it looks.
View recipe >


Afourer, Imperial and Amorette mandarins are all currently in season. Although mandarins are the perfect go-to snack, there are plenty of delicious dishes that call for this juicy fruit - like this mandarin and almond cake. View recipe >


This reliable fruit is available almost all year round, with the exception of summer. Grapefruit is rich in vitamin A and C and is great for adding a bittersweet or sour edge to your dish.

Never used grapefruit in a recipe before? Tip: You can't go wrong by adding it to your next salad.


Tasty oranges are perfect for all times of the day. Whether it's with your yoghurt in the morning, winter sports snacks for the kids, orange tea cake for your relaxing afternoon or the perfect addition to your signature spritz for Sunday afternoon drinks, you can always count on this versatile fruit.


Otherwise known as a Chinese Gooseberry, kiwifruits are in fact berries. They’re incredibly nutritious and provide a good source of vitamin C, antioxidants and fibre.

Perfect for a solo snack, kiwifruit can also be used in sweet and savoury dishes, pairing particularly well with avocados, fish, chicken and prawns.


Part of the rose family, pears ripen best once picked and can be placed in a brown paper bag to help speed up the ripening process. Once ready to eat, this winter fruit works well poached, baked, grilled or simply as is.

Head to New World now to stock up on your winter fruit essentials.

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