Beard game strong: 5 beard trends for winter


Beard game strong: 5 beard trends for winter

What was once a symbol of either being a truckie, a lumberjack or an unemployed bludger has now become a true mark of style and sophistication. What is this mighty status symbol, you ask? The beard!

Having taken many shapes and sizes over the years, from the Fu Manchu mo’ to the Wolverine extended chops, some styles have been a success and others… have not. No matter what your face shape or fashion style, there's a beard for you. We've broken down 5 of this season’s hippest beard trends and exactly how to maintain them.

1. The shadow beard

Currently sported by such celebs as Jason Statham, Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper, this is perhaps this season’s sexiest beard. The shadow beard is perfect for adding depth and accentuating the jaw, creating a more chiselled look. In order to maintain this style, it's typically required that your neck remain clean shaven, while the face is allowed to grow out slightly. A notable grooming tip here is to make sure you are exfoliating 2-3 times a week to avoid any ingrown hairs. Disclaimer: those with patchy beards need not apply.

Image via GQ

2. The goatee

Made famous in the '90s by heartthrob Ethan Hawke, the goatee is coming back in a big way. A goatee consists of facial hair that extends from the corners of your mouth down to your chin, with an adjoining moustache commonly throw in for good measure (also know as the “circle beard”). While this style would usually have been maintained by the old-fashioned scissors and beard trimmer combo, let me suggest a set of clippers with a guard size 6 or above in order to minimize the slip of a finger.

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3. The workplace beard

Once, any slight sign of a beard would have been a major faux pas in a corporate environment, but now offices everywhere are welcoming the tight and groomed beard with open arms. To keep this maintained, closely shave beard edges and make sure to remove any stray hairs. Using a grooming product such as a wax or spray to keep everything in place and get you looking as good as Ben Affleck and Jake Gyllenhaal is greatly advised.

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4. The hipster beard

Although probably not ideal for a corporate environment, I'm still a strong advocate for the hipster beard’s place on the list of this season’s trendiest styles. Paired with a statement shirt and a few tattoos and suddenly any man can become the lead singer all the girls flock to. The key styling tip here is conditioning and beard oils – no one likes a wiry beard up against the microphone.

Image via Esquire

5. The walrus moustache

I mean, who doesn’t love Tom Selleck!? This is definitely a look I would associate with an older gentleman oozing class, maturityand style. I personally find the best accessory for the walrus moustache is great banter… that, and a comb.

Image via CBS

Pictured, clockwise from top left: Muhle shaving brush from Shaver Shop, Stratton comb from Chemist Warehouse, L'Occitane shaving cream from David Jones, Jack Black beard oil from Sephora, Tom Ford aftershave from Sephora, Braun clippers from Shaver Shop, Art of Shaving shaving cream from Sephora, Ralph Lauren shaving bag from David Jones, Percy Nobleman shaving kit from Shaver Shop.

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