The best sunblocks for fussy kids


The best sunblocks for fussy kids

It’s always hard to get the kids to take a break from the action on those long holiday days. The pull of the water and sun is just too strong. When you do manage to get them to dry land for some food, the likelihood of them sitting for a few minutes afterwards is often slim.

That’s why we have dreamed up this awesome sun-safe, minimal effort creative activity for them to enjoy.

All you need are a few sticks of coloured zinc, some beach-ready munchkins and a good book to read. Then your job is to sit back and relax while the kids paint themselves and each other in true 90’s style.


  • Kids
  • Coloured zinc sticks
  • Wet wipes


Head out to your local Westfield and grab everything you need (sorry, we can’t provide the kids.)

Before they start the face painting, apply 50+ sunscreen all over and let it sink in for 10 minutes or so; this will make sure the un-zinced parts of their skin are protected. Now, give them some zinc sticks and watch the fun begin.

There are no limits to what you can do- from angel wings to whiskers. Just make sure you’re prepared for some interesting tan lines if you’re outdoors for a long time.

When you’re finished, just remove the zinc creations with wet wipes - you don't want zinc all over the seatbelts!

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