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Unveiling Rerenga to the South Auckland Community

On March 9 2019, Westfield Manukau unveiled the beautiful Rerenga mural created by talented art duo, Charles and Janine Williams to the South Auckland community.

A traditional Māori karakia took place in Civic Square as members of the local community were educated with the meaning and significance behind the beautiful mural. Rerenga is now a piece of art for the South Auckland community to call their own and enjoy for many years to come.

The story behind Rerenga Mural

Rerenga (flowing and journey) speaks of the journey we take as a community to embrace and celebrate the richness of our cultural identity as South Aucklanders. Different cultures are represented using a variety of flora and speak of the colour and beauty of the diverse nationalities that make up Manukau City.

Joined together by a band symbolising the currents of the ocean, it flows through the blue waters of the moana (ocean) with loosely represented cultural designs used as way finders that connect our navigational history to the space and show us the way.

Anchored on both ends by the endemic Tui and kōwhai flowers, this acknowledgement of mana whenua (indigenous people) as the foundational blocks of our community ground the work and complete the journey like our ancestors did here in Aotearoa (New Zealand).

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