Face masks 101: How to rock 2020's most unexpected accessory


Face masks 101: How to rock 2020's most unexpected accessory

Who would've thought that a face mask would be the go-to accessory for 2020. Yet here we are! Finding one that looks great, feels great and most importantly, keeps us safe can be tricky. We've collated a list of what to look for, how to wear one correctly and finally, where to purchase the most stylish designs at Westfield Manukau. For the most up to date information around face coverings, please visit The New Zealand Ministry of Health website.

What to look for

With an influx of face coverings on the market, selecting the right one for you can be overwhelming. The 2 most common face coverings are single-use surgical face masks (also known as disposable masks) and cloth face masks. While disposable masks can be convenient, reusable cloth versions are more cost effective in the long run, better for the environment, plus, they come in a myriad of different styles to suit your own! If you’re using a cloth face mask, it's ideal to purchase one with 3 layers to maximise protection. Some brands also feature a filter pocket, enabling you to slot in a filter of choice. Remember to steer clear of the face masks with unfiltered one-way valves as these lack protection and effectiveness.

Fit it right

A correctly fitted face mask is also critical as wearing one improperly will compromise your protection. So here are some easy steps to wearing your face mask right:
1. Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use a hand sanitizer consisting of a minimum of 60% alcohol before putting on your face mask
2. Secure your mask snugly around your face, ensuring that your nose and mouth are covered
3. If your mask is sitting too loosely or if there are any large gaps between the mask and your face, either tighten the adjustable straps if your face mask has them or further secure your mask using clips or ties
4. When removing your mask, pop it in a sealed bag for disposal or until you've had the chance to wash it
5. Finally, remember to wash or sanitise your hands thoroughly as per above after taking your face mask off

Where to buy your mask

Masks are available at the following open and essential service retailers:
Countdown, Life Pharmacy and the Chemist Warehouse.

For entry to all essential services at Westfield Manukau, enter via the Countdown entrance. This entry point will be available 8:00am - 9:00pm to allow customers access to essential services. Please note, all other entry points will be closed until further notice.

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