Trending kids' gifts for confused adults


Trending kids' gifts for confused adults

Buying Christmas gifts for kids can be a bit of a minefield. There are always new products on the market, and it can be hard to know what will go down well, and what is SO last year. But don't worry, we have the collected the best crowd-pleasing gifts for every age group.


Buying for a baby or toddler can be really difficult when their favourite toy is the TV remote, and your car keys are the epitome of entertainment; it can be hard to figure out exactly what to wrap up and put under the tree. But if you focus on things they need, toys that will transition to other stages of childhood and sleep aids – you can't really go wrong.

VTech Monkey Soother
This monkey shaped soother is the perfect sleep companion for little ones, your baby will rest easy with a VTech Safe and Sound baby soother. Has 5 relaxing lullabies & 5 soothing sounds, a soft glow night light, rechargeable battery, auto-off timer, volume control and a hook for easy attachment.

Available at Farmers.

Kids Play Tent
Ten years ago, you would have to travel to Scandinavia to find a baby play mat or play tent that would look this cute in a modern home. Now, design-focused kids' products are very accessible. Kids play tents make the best gift for young children this Christmas. They encourage imaginative and active play and come in cute new colours and prints!

Available at Cotton On.

Wooden Blocks
The best types of baby toys are the ones that will stay relevant well into toddlerhood and beyond. These wooden blocks will look sweet on a nursery shelf, are perfect for early-stacking baby play, and will transition into a play-pretend city when baby becomes toddler. The simple design style and back-to-basics concept is a safe gifting bet for anyone unsure of what to buy for the new baby in their life.

Available at Farmers.

Personalised Unisex PJ Set
Get in the Holiday season with these perosnalised Christmas inspired pijamas that can help inspire quite time and make bed time fun. Personalisation is limited to 8 letters per item.

Available at Cotton On.

3 to 5-year-olds

This age group is all about discovery and pretend play! Toys that help children recreate day-to-day experiences and explore their world are always going to be a hit.

Boogie Board Jot
To-do lists, grocery lists, memos, and doodles - Boogie Board Jot is easier and more portable than ever before! Take advantage of this mini electronic writing tablet and say good-bye to paper notes, just unsnap the stylus from the side and just start writing for bright lines to appear just like with a pen or pencil, you don't even have to turn anything on! It's shape makes it easy to hold in one hand and the perfect size to fit into a pocket, bag or purse while still giving you lots of room to write.

Available at Whitcoulls.

Fur Real Friend walkalot
If you have a young child in your house, chances are you know exactly who this little pets are. toys are on many a Christmas lists.

Available at Farmers & Whittcouls.

Boon Bath Toys
When it comes to bath toys, there really aren't any that are cooler than Boon's range. With pipes and cogs that suction to the wall, the child can create a track for the water to flow in that makes the wheels move. They are also great for shower play, so even families without baths in the house can take advantage of them.

Available at Farmers.

6 to 11-year-olds

In a lot of ways, this age group are one of the easiest to buy for, they are into EVERYTHING and are usually happy to be on wheels, play with toys or read a book. The problem? What was cool a month ago can often be tossed to the side quickly, meaning the goalposts are forever moving.

Minecraft LEGO
When it comes to Minecraft, it's best to just try not to understand the appeal. It's a mystery to most adults and an obsession for a lot of primary-aged kids. As far as video game/LEGO collaborations go, this one is a winner – considering the entire game is about building worlds with blocks!

Available at Farmers.

This interactive and evolving toy arrives as an egg-like shape and 'grows' with love and interaction. It dances to music, sings, talks and even changes colours. This one has been dubbed to be one of the biggest toys of 2019.

Available at Farmers.

For the kid who doesn't need any more toys, a scooter is such a great option. It's huge but also compactable, so it packs a real punch wrapped up under the tree and will probably hold their interest for a lot longer than your average toy. Added bonus? It encourages outdoor play.

Available at Farmers.

Smigglets Mini Colouring Art Set
The perfect on-the go, Smigglets Mini Colouring set! Contains:6 x mini scented markers, 6 x mini coloured pencils, 80+ Smiggle graphic stickers, 5 x Smiggle graphic colouring sheets. Hangry Heroes and Party Mix editions.

Available at Smiggle.


Teens aren't always the easiest to buy for. Usually, their requests are specific and expensive, but if you are looking to surprise someone special, here are some of the best sellers.

Every teenager goes through shoes quickly, either they've grown to quick, worn them out or lost them. The unmistakable Chuck Taylor All Star Classic is a timless shoe made for comfort and style. Orginally made for basketball players these shoes won't slow any teen down. A practical christmas gift that any teen will appreciate.

Available at Converse.

Boom bluetooth speaker
Most teenagers play music straight from their devices, so a good quality Bluetooth speaker will always go down well. The Shower Speaker is a top-quality, waterproof and shockproof speaker with very decent battery life. It also comes in a range of great colours so even the quirkiest of teens should be happy with it.

Available at Typo.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera
Instant cameras are by no means a new invention, but they have kept their popularity amongst teens for years now. And the retro film aesthetic has only become more fashionable in the past few years, thanks to Instagram and other photo editing apps.

Available at Noel Leeming.