Your three-step guide to unlocking your wellbeing warrior


Your three-step guide to unlocking your wellbeing warrior

If there is ever a time to unlock your inner zen and finally subscribe to that mindfulness app, it’s now. To help guide you on your journey to ultimate calm and maximum tolerance (for home schooling in particular), we are bringing you a few ways to dial up the self-love. You’re not the only one who’s googled ‘how to stay sane in iso’, we promise.

Step one: Rejuvenate your zone.

With a little extra ‘home time’ on your hands it's the perfect excuse to indulge in some feel-good extras for your abode.

If it’s a mood boost you are after, get your hands on a salt lamp from Rivendell. These giant crystals are not only super pretty to look at, but induce relaxation and calmness in your home. If calming your household is on the agenda, you should also check out these diffusers from Farmers, Life Pharmacy or Chemist Warehouse. You can mix and match your scent to suit your needs, or create your own delicious cocktail of soothing essential oils:

  • Lavender: A real life stress reliever. This purple plant’s healing powers have a high-level relaxant and an equally delightful scent for the home.
  • Chamomile: A sleep time hero. This scent is a great way to induce bedtime and switch off your brain. Chamomile has a calming affect, perfect for an overactive thinker!
  • Rose: Your very own happiness hunter. Rose oil is shown to help reduce stress, anxiety and depression. If iso has you feeling down, infuse, sit back and take some time to, quite literally, smell the roses.

Step two: You time.

Whilst we might not be able to spend a Saturday night wining and dining, we can still treat ourselves with life’s tiny pleasures in the form of face masks, bath salts and hair serums.

For a ultra-hydrating face mask or oil, we can’t go past the goodies available at Pricewise, Farmers and Chemist Warehouse. If you are yet to hop on the Clinique bandwagon, jump in! Their products have all kinds of good stuff to keep you fresh-faced and feelin’ fine. You can shop Clinique online at Life Pharmacy.

If your locks are feeling a little lack-luster, we recommend a hair and scalp mask or serum from Shampoo 'n' Things and Synergy Hair. Your trusty top knot will thank you.

With your face and hair covered, it’s time for some skin love. A luxurious body moisturiser is absolutely something to invest in. Jump onto The Body Shop's website for the most luscious body creams for that at-home spa glow.

Step three: Pump the brakes.

Now is not the time to reinvent yourself. Putting extra pressure on yourself to learn Cantonese or deep dive into a 6-week course on break dancing for beginners is not going to help anyone, so focusing on yourself and those you love in your bubble is the best way forward.

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