Luxurious picnic must haves


Luxurious picnic must haves

If you’re thinking about taking yourself on a picnic this autumn, let us show you how to take it up a notch. Now there’s nothing wrong with a cooked chook and paper plate set up, but if you want to take your picnic to chic-nic then we are here to give you a hand. A little tweak here and there will really change the tone, and why not? We only live once.

Pictured above: Cape Tumbler Set by Country Road, Byron Picnic Basket by Country Road, Chain Knit Throw by Kmart, Adventure Mat by Vienna Woods, Botanical Vacuum Flask by Stephanie Alexander, Wooden Round Plate by Studio W, Azina Placemat by Freedom, Telo Bottle Opener by Country Road.

Make it comfortable.

If you want to feel spoiled then being comfortable is the very first thing to think about. A good quality picnic blanket that won’t let the damp seep up is the first thing you need, no one wants to be soggy. Maybe consider a chunky blanket and even a few throw pillows – depending on how long you want to hang out for. The little details often ‘make’ the experience.

Curate your tunes

The beauty of a picnic is that it takes you out of your normal routine and settings so choosing music that is a bit different than what you would usually listen to can really add to the experience. We suggest exploring some of the international stations on Spotify, listening to music in another language can be strangely relaxing as the lyrics don’t demand any attention.

Keep it neutral

The best way to bring a luxe vibe to your picnic is to stick with natural materials and neutral colours when you’re packing your basket. Wooden plates, woven placemats and melamine tumblers will all make the set-up feel a bit more refined than your regular picnic sets will. Consider some fairy lights if you’re chilling later into the night.

Tasting Platter

Giant tasting platters are the trendiest things in catering right now, and the good news is that they work so perfectly for a picnic. All you need is a wooden board and a bunch of decadent treats. Think dried fruit, cheese, crackers, nuts, salami, fresh fruit and chocolate of course. Just steer clear of anything in oil or sauce like marinated fetta and olives –food that keeps to itself on the platter and in your basket is the ideal.

Decadent Dessert

When the platter is all done and dusted whip out a decadent dessert, something that travels well, like a baked tart or these gorgeous things. Serve it with hot coffee (percolator coffee in a thermos lasts for hours) or a glass of red then lay back and relax.

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