Dry skin fixes: how to make your moisturiser work overtime


Dry skin fixes: how to make your moisturiser work overtime

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As if having to layer our tights and covering our outfit every day with an oversized coat and scarf wasn't enough, the colder months also bring with it autumn skin - a cruel condition that leaves us with dry hands, chapped lips and a dull complexion. It can be irritating and painful, and often, our moisturisers that we rely so heavily on just don't cut it! We're slathering it on morning and night, only to head outside and watch our skin dry up right before our very eyes once again.

If your face and body moisturisers aren't doing their job (and you wish for the days of your bronzed, plump summer skin) try out these top tips to help your creams and lotions work overtime. We've also included a few of our favourite cult moisturisers that you can stock up on before winter really hits.

Get the most out of products with these top tips:

  • It's all in the timing... Make a habit of applying your moisturisers fresh out of the shower, when your skin is still warm. This will help your skin drink in the moisturiser much more effectively, and it will last longer too.
  • While we love to lather our body in moisturising lotions when we're feeling dry, it's important to be a little more delicate with our face. Rather than rubbing it into the skin, apply it in dollops and pat into the skin across the main areas of the face. You'll find your skin will feel much more supple this way, and your makeup will glide on a lot smoother!
  • Invest in a pair of moisture gloves, which are lined with oils and vitamins to combat dry, flaky hands. Take it one step further with an overnight treatment, by coating your hands in moisturiser, popping on the gloves and leaving them overnight!
  • Regular exfoliation is key! Every three or four days, treat yourself to an all-over body scrub (and a lighter exfoliation on your face too). In winter, dead skin cells can pile up on our skin - that's the dryness you're feeling! - and it can act as a barrier to moisturiser reaching the deeper levels of your skin.
  • If you need something a little more heavy duty, introduce a luxe face mask into your autumn routine. There are hundreds out there that are all targeted towards different skin concerns! We love to apply a face mask at night, and rub the leftover product into our skin while we sleep.

Pictured: Moisture surge from Clinique; the Porefessional from Benefit; Lip balm from Kiehls; Total moisture facial cream from Benefit; Comforting Oil from L'Occitane; Sea salt scrub from The Body Shop; Moisture gloves from The Body Shop; Lip scrub from Mecca Maxima; Glam Glow from Mecca Maxima.

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