Up your hosting game with these insta-worthy platters


Up your hosting game with these insta-worthy platters

Today it’s all about making statement platters that are as Instagrammable as they are drool-worthy.

Whether it’s a cheese and wine catch-up, games night, or as an entrée to a delicious meal, here are our top tips on how to add that wow-factor to your next platter.

You’ll find everything you need to fill your board at Countdown.

Get your base

First and most importantly, you’ll need somewhere to assemble your masterpiece. Check out Stevens or Farmers to select the perfect platter or grazing board. It can be easy to go over the top, so make sure you get a base that’s right for the number of people you’re serving. Create layers and dimension with small bowls and ramekins from Stevens or Farmers, perfect for dips and anything that won’t stay stable on its own. Don’t forget to grab some servingware from Stevens to keep bare fingers away.

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A platter for every occasion

A simple cheese platter is always a crowd pleaser, but take it up a level by adding a variety of nuts and crackers from Countdown and garnish with aromatic herbs. If you are looking to up the ante, simply cut a shape in the middle of your cheese and fill it with nuts or dried fruit from Countdown.

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DIY your dinner

Add a touch of DIY to your meal time. Whether it’s a dessert platter with mini pavlova bases and an assortment of fresh seasonal fruit and rich cream from Countdown, or a dinner platter filled with hard and soft taco shells with your favourite Mexican fillings, cater for many tastebuds and keep everyone happy by letting your guests build their own. Kids will especially love this!

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Express yourself

Platters are a great way to experiment with colours and textures. Cookie cutters or a melon baller from Stevens will add some different shapes to your board and mix up traditional sliced fruit. Experiment with patterns, like fanning strawberries or carving kiwi fruit into flowers for a simple twist on a classic.

Image credit: @sonny_loves_charlie

Experiment outside the traditional cheese platter and head in the direction of a dessert buffet by grabbing some of your favourite sweets from Countdown and create a gorgeous platter rainbow that’s sure to pop.

Theme it up

If you're catering for a special occasion or want to add some pizzazz, try picking a theme and creating a platter to match. Throw together a mix of sweet and savoury goodies and add some fun décor from Stevens or More for Less to bring your theme to life.

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Simple never fails

The key to a great platter is making sure it not only looks good, but tastes amazing. When in doubt, keep it simple. Cold antipasto meats can be instantly transformed just by folding each slice. If you know your guests would prefer water crackers over nut crackers, arrange them in a domino effect across the board. Create a central view point, like a wheel of cheese or a bowl of dip, and simply build it up from there.

Image credit: @thatcheeseplate