Converse: Introducing The All Star BB Jet


Converse: Introducing The All Star BB Jet

Basketball shoes have always been categorised by their unique designs and colours. On the court, the best basketball sneakers are the ones that provide enough support and traction without being bulky or filled with too much or not enough cushioning.

At Converse, our basketball shoes have a distinct and nostalgic history behind them. We have always paved the way in innovation, design, and performance, and this certainly hasn’t stopped. Introducing the newest style in our basketball line-up, the All Star BB Jet provides the latest innovation in a slick minimalistic basketball sneaker design.

All Star BB Jet

The all-new All Star BB Jet is the next generation in minimalist basketball shoes. As the latest in the Pro BB line-up, this sneaker has been built upon unique designs and innovative technology that highlights all the best features of a basketball sneaker within a simplistic construction.

As a unisex shoe, these sneakers are perfect for anyone who is a serious about their basketball game. They have been crafted alongside Nike’s own innovator, Eric Avar, who has engineered them with synthetic suede and ripstop to create an ultra-lightweight basketball shoe that doesn’t compromise on stability.

Image source: Converse

With function at the front of their design, the All Star BB Jet is perfect for players who love explosive movements, who take off with the ball, and who stop and start suddenly to avoid the competition on the court. The inclusion of Nike Air cushioning in the heel and forefoot is balanced and simplistic, providing the player a good compromise between court feel and support.

The All Star BB Jet has been launched in four energetic and inspiring colourways, including:

  • Rush Blue: For players who value a little bit of colour but who want to stay focused on the game, the All Star BB Jet in Rush Blue will keep you dominating for good.
  • Black: Dark and mysterious, the All Star BB Jet in Black gives players a truly minimalistic and focused approach to the game.
  • University Red: For those players that want to stand out on the court, then the All Star BB Jet University Red will keep all eyes on you.
  • White: The All Star BB Jet in White combines a simplistic base with orange and black detailing to give that ultra-stylish feel as you go for the winning shot.

Image source: Converse

Why Minimalist Basketball Sneakers?

More now than ever, basketball players are noticing the benefits associated with a minimally designed sneaker. But, what really makes a basketball sneaker minimalistic?


Often, players will opt for a shoe that has an even amount of cushion. An overly spongy or excessive cushion isn’t always a good thing, especially when playing a sport that requires fast and sudden movements. Too much cushion can prevent players from having a good feel on the court, while not enough support increases the risk of injury during the game. A good minimalist basketball shoe will have a conservative amount of cushion that allows for a comfortable playing experience without all the unnecessary bulk.


Another aspect of minimalist sneakers that players will look out for is the weight of a basketball shoe. An overly heavy or even stiff shoe can create havoc on the court. As we’ve talked about already, basketball is a game built on speed, so there’s nothing worse than your performance being let down by heavy shoes that don’t allow you to move and play to the best of your ability. Look for shoes that focus on creating a lightweight design through their foam, materials, and construction.

Function Over Aesthetics

While style is still a key driving factor in any basketball shoe’s design, if the sneaker doesn’t have the technology or performance to back it up, then you can’t play to your maximum potential. Minimalist basketball shoes value function over aesthetics. Good looking shoes are nice, but without innovative technology and performance-driven design, they can have a huge impact on your game when you need it most.

Check out the new All Star BB Jet collection from Converse now.

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