Revamp your burger with great new fillings


Revamp your burger with great new fillings

At Westfield Manukau, we love a good burger! Check out where you can treat yourself to a burger or two. If you've fallen into a bad habit of ordering the same burger over and over again, or are too worried about mixing it up, we're here to help. There are too many great options for you to ever order the same burger multiple times in a row – we just won't have it!

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If a beef burger with guacamole and maybe even a bit of hot sauce doesn't entice you, then we just don't know what will.


Pineapple on burgers has been a (very great) thing for a while now, but now it has a competitor in mango. It's just as fresh and tasty, so try it now to mix up your burger combo.

Hot chips

This is the easiest burger win since... well, ever! Most burgers come with chips, so don't let them be an afterthought and add them to the party that is your burger. Trust us, you won't be sorry you tried it.

A bit of crunch

Add a bit of crunch between the buns with potato chips or tortilla chips, because who said there were any limits to what can be put on a burger? It adds another element of texture and saltiness without messing with the flavours of your perfectly created burger.

Grilled pineapple

Although mango is great, you still can't go wrong with the classic grilled pineapple, which adds the perfect amount of sweetness.


Coleslaw is the best way to add a fresh component to your burger and it can be on its own or with beef, chicken or pork. It's really that good.


Your classic beef burger is about to get a makeover because tzatziki partners so perfectly with beef. Add tomato, onion and even a bit of feta to really make it mouth-watering.

Breakfast burger

There’s no need to keep such great food combos like bacon and eggs for just breakfast. Why not do something crazy and have a breakfast burger for lunch or dinner – we dare you!


Jalapenos will add a bit of tingly heat and pair perfectly with most fillings, but they especially match well with Mexican-influenced burgers.


This veggie soaks up all the flavours of the burger, making it a great substitute for a beef patty if you want a vegetarian option. Thick slices of eggplant can be grilled to make them smoky and a little charred, which will have you going back for more.

Roasted capsicum

Keeping on the vegetable trend, roasted capsicum is one of the classic burger fillings and there is a reason for it... it tastes delicious!

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