We had a fur-tastic time these school holidays!


We had a fur-tastic time these school holidays!

Hundreds of children came by and got yeti during the October school holidays! Children took part in awesome activities and had furry fun celebrating the release of ABOMINABLE.

We kicked off the first week in with ABOMINABLE activity books, which included colouring, word finds, join the dots activities and more.

During week two, excited kids magically transformed into cute little yeti’s as they made their very own “Everest” masks. The zone was full of little ones colouring and constructing their masks with plenty of faux fur was flying round!

Check out our new furry friends with their “Everest” masks!

Our favourite mate Monty the Monkey was there to hang out with us in the Activity Zone each day too, stopping by for high fives, hugs and Monty balloons too.

Thanks for stopping by these school holidays, we look forward to seeing you all in centre over the festive season.