Menswear: 5 quality basics you need and where to buy them


Menswear: 5 quality basics you need and where to buy them

If you've been wearing the same jeans and sweater combo for longer than your relationship, it could be high time for a serious wardrobe update.

Shopping for quality basics can be daunting, but armed with this handy guide you'll be looking the part and ready to roll into spring with a fresh new pair of kicks and some too-cool denim to match in no time.

Now on to the list!

The perfect white tee

A classic, well cut t-shirt is a must-have. Wear it as is, underneath an open button-down shirt or tucked into chinos. This is one wardrobe staple that is hard to get wrong. Don’t forget, when it comes to nailing the basics, quality is a must. Opt for a thick, well-cut t-shirt, the kind that you can wash twelve times and still get back to crisp white, and won't fall apart in the dryer.

Hallenstein Brothers and Johnny Bigg both do a great white tee that ticks all the boxes.

Pictured: Tommy Hilfiger

Chinos in two colours

A solid pair of chinos will take you from wedding to backyard BBQ in an instant. These versatile trousers are a great way to steer away from your daily denim and step things up. Life tip: any dress code that reads ‘smart casual’ in fact translates to, ‘those Chinos your girlfriend bought you last Christmas’. You can’t go wrong with a neautral pair available at Connor or from Hallenstein Brothers.
If you want a good fit and fancy a few different colourways, try Yd. who have a range of different cuts and styles to suit.


Sneakers hold so much power when it comes to the making of a well-dressed man. A mean pair of kicks can add style to any outfit, and a sneaker is the perfect middle ground between a dress shoe and… junners. (Another life tip, don’t do jeans and runners, ever).

An all-white sneaker is a safe bet to start your sneaker journey and can be found at Platypus. If you are after something with a little more pizzazz, check out Deuce sneakers available at Merchant 1948.

Pictured: Adidas

New jeans

A comfy pair of well-fitting jeans is a must for any wardrobe. For denim that can’t go wrong, check out or the range at Farmers. Dare to double denim? Pair jeans with a denim jacket from Hallenstein Brothers. In a world where loungewear is the new norm, we recommend well-fitting, comfy denim to snap yourself out of couch time and into WFH mode.

Leather shoes

There are only a few basic shoes that a well-dressed man needs in his wardrobe. Runners, a stylish pair of sneakers and leather boots. A pair of leather boots is a great way to hit smart-casual on the head. If you’re searching for a ‘forever’ pair of boots, have a chat with the team at Hannahs. These guys specialise in high quality boots that will last a lifetime.

Pictured: RM Williams

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