3 festive trends to wear this party season


3 festive trends to wear this party season

Have you ever experienced a party season wardrobe meltdown? You know the kind. Your event started 10 minutes ago, and you're on the verge of a panic attack as you sit on your bedroom floor in a pile of rejected clothes. It's been confirmed you have absolutely nothing to wear. Despite the fact you've been looking forward to this night for weeks, you text all your friends and tell them you're not coming anymore.

Before this happens, be organised and plan your outfits ahead of time. What have you got coming up, what's in your wardrobe, and which events will require a new outfit? Thankfully, there are lot of party-appropriate pieces in-store right now, and they all hit on the major trends we're loving as we move into summer.

Be inspired by these three trends, which can take you to all the parties - and beyond, too!

Colour party

Pink, blue, yellow, green... Whatever you're into, you can find it an outfit. This one's great because it screams festivity, without being too obvious. No light-up Christmas earrings or tinsel scarves here!

Dressed up denim

Whoever said denim was reserved for running errands has clearly not stepped foot inside all the best fashion stores lately. Denim has had a serious makover, making it perfect for a daytime Christmas event, or a blank canvas to add dressy accessories for night.

Sequins and shine

We can't talk about this topic and not mention sequins and shine, right? Whether you want to add just a touch in the form of a shoe or bag, or go all out in a sequin jumpsuit, this trend gives a big nod to the party season.

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