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AJE ATHLETICA: A conversation with CEO & co-founder Adrian Norris

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The story continues.
AJE ATHLETICA returns with the latest collection of activewear designed through the lens of the Aje fashion house. Find styles to take you from studio to street and wherever your wellbeing journey leads.

AJE ATHLETICA is an activewear and lifestyle brand founded in promoting wellbeing through performance.

Q – Why did you decide to open stand-alone AJE ATHLETICA stores?
Wellness sits firmly at the heart and core of Aje’s beliefs; therefore, the concept was to take everything magical about Aje as a brand and offer consciously designed and made athleticwear through the lens of a fashion house.

In consideration of Aje’s customer needs and lifestyles we couldn’t overlook the growing desire for comfort and versatility, and a demand for performance-based athleticwear.

In May 2021, AJE ATHLETICA was launched.

We’ve taken the magic and design DNA of Aje, and cultivated it into a one-of-a-kind, functional and stylish product offering–emphasising performance and wellness above all else, available in Australian sizes 4 to 18.

The response to AJE ATHLETICA has been incredible and by opening stand-alone AJE ATHLETICA stores we will be able showcase the entire brand offering and depth of product via an in-store, personalised experience.

Q – Where will we see AJE ATHLETICA stores in Westfield Shopping Centres?
We are really excited to be opening 7 new AJE ATHLETICA stores in Westfield Centres across Australia and New Zealand.

The first AJE ATHLETICA store to open in a Westfield Centre in Australia will be Westfield Sydney in October and in New Zealand we will open our first store in Newmarket in November.

Across the next 8 months we look forward to opening and sharing the AJE ATHLETICA store experience with Westfield customers in Bondi Junction, Chatswood, Parramatta, Warringah Mall and Southland.

Q – What will the AJE ATHLETICA store experience be?
The AJE ATHLETICA destination stores or sanctuaries as we like to call them, will be a physical manifestation of AJE ATHLETICA’s brand mantra of “Performance through Wellbeing”.

The service excellence of the Aje fashion brand will manifest in
AJE ATHLETICA stores, so you will be able to receive exceptional and personalised styling advice for your activewear wardrobe.

The stores will offer an elevated ‘gallerised’ shopping experience for customers to visit, recharge and shop in comfort.

Q – Tell us a little more about the AJE ATHLETICA store design?
The AJE ATHLETICA store concepts will be a reflection of the brand’s modernity; harnessing cutting-edge design and technology.
Natural materials will feature heavily with organic shapes and lines and muted, earth-tones. Materials such as metal and rock, and organic curves will be showcased, inspired by the sculptures of Richard Serra.

The AJE ATHLETICA collection will be showcased instore in an elevated way with merchandising that is integrated, cohesive with intention.

The stores will be bigger - at 150 sqm - than Aje's mainline boutiques, simply because of the need to house more product and give our customers a complete brand experience.

Within the sanctuary environment we really want to highlight the beautiful product that is made with 70% consciously-sourced materials, and make each piece stand out and an object of

Q – The AJE ATHLETICA stores will open with Collection 002. Tell us a little bit about the new AJE ATHLETICA collection.
Edwina and I were thrilled with the response to the first AJE ATHLETICA collection we launched in May.

Our design philosophy for AJE ATHLETICA is about creating activewear through the lens of a fashion house; for every step of your wellness journey. It is an athleticwear and lifestyle brand that offers style-led, consciously designed activewear for women in the know.

The journey continues with the launch of AJE ATHLETICA 002 in late September. We can’t wait to share the next AJE ATHLETICA collection with you in our new stores.


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