Aje: Chroma Resort 21


Aje: Chroma Resort 21

Aje , Level 2


Standing in the midst of universal uncertainty and loss, a time of collective grief that has encapsulated the world, Aje looks to Colour Theory for Resort 21, entitled ‘Chroma’. 

A time when the world and its people need hope and joy above all else, ‘Chroma’ is an exploration of the impact colour can have on emotion. 

Delving into the notion that colour and mood are inextricably linked, Resort 21 has been designed to incite an array of positivity and love. Each piece instilled with the power to affect emotion for the better, even beyond the wearer. 

Looking to the psychology behind Colour Theory, Aje’s Edwina Forest and Adrian Norris found the vast reaching influence each hue, tone, tint and shade can have on mood, behavior and feeling. Impacting on a cellular level, ‘Chroma’ delves into how colours are projected in different ways based on the wearer and what they wish to inject into the world. 

Inspired in tandem by the process of creation, Chroma also looks to the natural world as a catalyst for its inspiration. A delicate interwoven connection of ecosystems, the collection pays homage to the prismatic and awe-inspiring phenomena, defining the inextricably emotive link between the natural environment and the world of colour.

Chosen to inspire the sanguine and the wondrous, find a colour palette rich in dreamy pastels and romantic hues. A spectrum reaching the depths of forest green and deep rust, a foray into the world of sorbets with delectable apricot, lemon and rose, before hitting notes of pistachio green and a finale of brilliant whites, inspired by dazzling light representing hope. Brought to life in voluminous silhouettes featuring Aje’s signature play on volume, find a curated edit of statement dresses, modern tailoring and finely crafted separates.

Whilst fashion is often associated with the fantastical and frivolous, as the world stands at a crossroads, Aje sees its role as a storyteller, an avenue of escape and above all else a provider of joy and beauty. 

Enjoy Chroma Resort 21 as Aje’s commitment to this ongoing and beloved role. From us to you.