Aje: Fresh hues for November


Aje: Fresh hues for November

Aje , Level 2

Landing in store today, discover Aje's hero hues for November in silhouettes you will wear on repeat. 


Symbolic of hope, optimism and joy, Lemon is regarded as the most luminous on the spectrum of colour. Offering clarity of thought, and a sense of inquisitiveness, look to these styles for an immediate boost and uplifting effect. 

Veiled Pear

Hand painted by the Aje design team using thoughtful and considered watercolour strokes, find a reference to ancient values and ideals in Veiled Pear. Regarded in the bygone world as a symbol of prosperity and abundance, find inner peace with the print’s inextricable link to the natural world. 


Designed as a clean slate and palette cleanser, find a clear canvas in the form of White for Chroma’s neutral pieces. Find space as the wearer to project the hues of the subconscious, in the process letting the  inner self shine through.