Rodd & Gunn: Rodd & Gunn x WNWN


Rodd & Gunn: Rodd & Gunn x WNWN

Rodd & Gunn , Level 2

Rodd & Gunn and WNWN have partnered to create a Project Range using Rodd & Gunn’s most recognisable fabrics, focused on crafting totally individual garments that minimise the fabric waste created in manufacturing.

By combining leftover fabrics with new production runs, and developing a unique and random manufacturing process, the WNWN project brings to life garments that are as unique as all of us and have a life of their own. Every single garment is totally unique and no two are the same. Literally one-of-a-kind.

The WNWN Project Range uses French rib, brushed fleece, double pique and single jersey as the foundation- cut into smaller interlocking panels to minimise the waste at the end of production and ensuring individuality.

Due to the random nature of the garments, you need to be up to the challenge when ordering online as you won’t know what you’re receiving, except to say that it will be as individual as you are.

Rodd & Gunn