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Celebrate World Play Day with LEGO® 90 Years of Play

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Experience the magic and creativity of Play with LEGO® on World Play Day

Mark your calendars because World Play Day is coming on 10 August and with it, LEGO® New Zealand is turning Auckland’s Westfield Newmarket into a playground with five life-sized LEGO® Minifigures here to play until 14 August 2022. View our event schedule here >

Some of the most iconic LEGO Minifigure characters such as Hip Hop Girl and Rocket Boy will be paying Auckland’s Westfield Newmarket a visit to invite families and fans to reconnect and play. The activation follows insights from the latest LEGO® Play Well Study (2022) that shows 1 in 3 parents admit that their family doesn’t play enough together, while nearly 9 in 10 children wish they could play more with their parents.

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LEGO® fans and families will not want to miss the chance to discover and play with some of the classic Minifigures. Each lifesize character coming to visit Westfield Newmarket will feature a special play moment for fans and families to stop and enjoy. There will be something for everyone, whether that is break dancing or exploring space with your favourite Minifigure. Whichever way fans and families like to play, they can take part in a way that is as simple as a walk in the park!

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The must-visit playground, arriving on World Play Day, is a reminder to all fans and families that play matters whether you’re in Auckland or another location. No matter where you are, LEGO® New Zealand is inviting Kiwis to stop and take part in Play Hour (and a half!) on World Play Day and remember to enjoy the magic that play and creativity brings.

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Round up the whole family and plan your trip down to Westfield Newmarket for this free, LEGO®-packed activation from August 10 - 14.

View our event schedule here >

Not able to visit us?

For families across the nation, Play Hour (and a half!) can still be a priority this World Play Day from home with lots of fun, creative play ideas at LEGO® or shared via #LEGO90years.

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