Dr Martens, Morrow Street

This September, Dr. Martens are shining a spotlight on the legendary postmodern artist. The new collection pays tribute to his work and the legacy he left behind. 

Skull imagery, cryptic symbols and enigmatic epigrams. Jean-Michel Basquiat was one of the most influential postmodern artists of the 20th Century. Erupting into the art world in the early 80s with pieces such as ‘Hollywood Africans’ and ‘In Italian’, Basquiat was a self-taught creative prodigy. A game-changer who went against the grain — in typical DM’s style. 

In two short decades, Basquiat’s made an impact on the art world that has influenced every generation since. Leaving behind an extraordinary amount of work and an unprecedented legacy, Basquiat’s influence spans art, music and more. He challenged the norm then. His work continues to defy categorisation now. Basquiat’s boundary-breaking approach to art is Dr. Martens to the core.

In this energetic collection of neo-expressionist printed footwear, we’ve paid tribute to the late Brooklyn born poet, musician, artist and rebel — with our 1460 boot and 1461 shoe providing new canvases for his legendary artwork.

A nod to the artistic supernova, this pack features scrawling lines, bold, clashing colours and obscure texts, numbers and symbols. 

Graffiti-influenced, energetic album piece ‘Beat Bop’ is scrawled across our Original 8-eye boot and the ambitious ‘Dustheads’ has been printed onto our 1461 shoe, reworking our subcultural classics into energetic, chaotic designs.

The collection drops this September and will be exclusively available at Dr. Martens stores.

Dr Martens