sass & bide: The Resort 20 Collection


sass & bide: The Resort 20 Collection

The collection takes inspiration from a saturated summer where everything is amplified; spectacular colour, searing heat and raucous noise in an effervescent atmosphere.

Feelings of liberation, pool-side opulence, playful sophistication and the freedom of choice - still, or sparkling? It’s a society of the sisterhood set free, where you're only restricted to the farthest reaches of the imagination.

Daytime decadence blurs the boundaries of night, and winter’s complexity melts into simple pleasures beneath a high-noon sun.

As though our Resort 20 heroine’s decadent wardrobe was stripped from the cannon of summer novels; evocative of all that encapsulates a long, long holiday. Fantastical thoughts reign, hearts ache and ridiculous notions of debauchery disguise reality.

Visit the boutique on Level 3 to discover more.