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Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen is a British luxury fashion house founded by Lee Alexander McQueen in 1992 driven by uncompromising craftsmanship and unparalleled creative vision.

As Creative Director of the brand since 2010, Sarah Burton produces critically acclaimed collections that are innovative and experimental while upholding traditional values, the power of community and the touch of the human hand. Alexander McQueen offers women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, accessories and perfume.

Alexander McQueen是英国奢侈时装品牌,由Lee Alexander McQueen于1992年创立,品牌始终以毫不妥协的手工艺与超凡脱俗的创意为核心价值。自Sarah Burton于2010年担任品牌创意总监以来,其推出诸多备受赞誉的系列作品,这些作品新颖大胆、充满实验精神,同时又强调传统价值、社区力量与高级手工制作的触感。Alexander McQueen的作品包括女士及男士成衣、配饰及香水等。

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