24 of the best The Elf on the Shelf® landing spots in your home


24 of the best The Elf on the Shelf® landing spots in your home

If you’ve welcomed The Elf on the Shelf® Scout Elf into your home, you may already know that they like to move around a lot, and you may find yourself thinking - wow, how is that little elf going to choose a new spot every single day this month?

To provide some elf-spiration, we’ve been watching our magical friends and are happy to report 24 spots busy elves love to land!

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The kitchen

Scout Elves like to be helpful, they like sugar, and they like to be cold (being North Pole natives). With that in mind here’s where you’re likely to find them in the kitchen:

  1. Sitting on the bench after having packed the kids’ lunch boxes. Scout Elves like to be helpful and like to make themselves useful in daily tasks.

  2. In the fridge drawing faces on the eggs. Scout Elves are cheeky and playful, and they love to decorate. Very few are artistically gifted though, their works of art are often pretty average.

  3. Sitting in the biscuit tin. Being the whimsical creatures they are, Scout Elves have a serious sweet tooth.

  4. In the fruit bowl. Sometimes there’s not much time for them to find a good hiding spot before the morning; this one is quick and easy.

  5. On a shelf with something that Mrs. Claus has baked. Elves love to bring back treats from the North Pole for good kids.

  6. Hanging out on the window. If your Scout Elf has Christmas Climbing Boots from the Scout Elves at Play ® set, you can sometimes find him or her there.

The lounge room

Scout Elves love Christmas Trees and gifts, so here are some places you might find them in the lounge room.

  1. Hiding in the Christmas Tree. Scout Elves especially love to reorganise Christmas decorations, so all their favourite pieces are near them.

  2. Playing hide and seek. Hiding candy canes around the house for the kids to find is one of their favourite pastimes.

  3. Camouflaged in a pot plant. One Christmas tree in the house is never enough, so you may find that they decorate while they’re there.

  4. Playing with your child’s toys. Maybe they have been reading story books or building with the blocks? They do like to have fun, after all.

  5. Doing some gift-wrapping. Don’t be surprised to find sticky tape and paper all over the place.

  6. Decorating with snowflakes. If you’re lucky, they can bring some of the North Pole home by making it snow.

The bedroom

Most elves like to visit their families bedrooms every now and then, there are just so many places to find them there.

  1. Having a slumber party in the sock drawer. Socks are comfortable and warm and can even be used as sleeping bags on cold nights.

  2. Watching from the ceiling fan. When elves have their Scout Elves at Play ® tools handy, they love it up there but they prefer it if you don’t actually switch it on.

  3. In a doll’s house or truck. Bedrooms offer so many great places to hide because they are so full of toys for them to interact with.

  4. Reading books to their toy friends. They love books and are happy to read stories to anyone who will listen.

  5. With notes from Santa. Sometimes they bring little messages from Santa if he thinks the kids have been getting out of bed too much or forgetting to pack away their things.

  6. Drawing pictures. Scout Elves sometimes get into the art supplies, and although they aren’t particularly talented artists, they try their best!


The bathroom is an excellent spot for elves who like to leave gifts for their families, especially if they aren't afraid of climbing. You can find them;

  1. Painting or leaving messages on the mirror. Art is one of their favourite ways to show love. Lipstick, gel stickers and whiteboard marker are their tools of choice.

  2. Reminding kids to brush. Dental hygiene is essential for elves, anyone who eats that much sugar really needs to brush well!

  3. Climbing. Elves can use candy canes, hooks and string to hang over light fittings, shower screens or towel racks, the Bathroom is an ideal spot for adventurous Scout Elves.

  4. Playing with the bath toys. They sometimes fill the sink so the rubber duckies can have a swim.

  5. In the cupboard. On days where no one is in a rush to get out the door, they like to make it hard for their families to find them.

  6. Replacing the toilet paper. Elves believe that every house should have Christmas toilet paper. Thoughtful, right?

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