Spring's most wanted sunglasses


Spring's most wanted sunglasses

The return of sunny days spells a new addition to your eyewear collection – the perfect accompaniment to beach hair, sun-kissed shoulders, floral prints and denim shorts. It's now time to step up your shade game! From glitzy, embellished frames to '90s revival, we’ve narrowed down this season’s hottest trends to deliver a line-up of spring-approved shades.

'90s revival

Just like the hemlines of the '90s, nothing lends that model-off-duty vibe more than a pair of micro shades. Now a favourite of the Hadid and Jenner sisters, these babies won’t offer too much in the way of actual sun-protection, but with a cropped tee, jeans and kitten heels, you’ll be channelling your inner Kate Moss in no time. Visit General Pants or David Jones to find the right pair for you.

Best for: Available in a variety of shapes, there’s bound to be one that suits you. Rimless styles are particularly complementary to those with high cheekbones and heart-shaped faces. Curvier styles will soften square faces, while an angular pair is perfect for sharpening round faces. Opt for an acrylic frame to add a pop of colour!

Image source: @rayban brand is available at Sunglass Hut, David Jones, and OPSM.

Image source: @sunglasshut

Image source: @general_pants

Get glitzy

Pearls, gems, glitter, diamantes and more. For the ‘extra’ friends among us, this style is for you. These statement shades can lift a simple outfit or inject even more glam into an equally embellished ensemble, because more is, well, more! Shop for embellished shades at Sunglass Hut, David Jones, and OPSM.

Best for: Like the '90s revival trend, you’ll find an array of different styles. Choose one that not just suits your face but your personality, too. The general rule is to pick a shape which contrasts with that of your face.

Image source: @sunglasshut

Image source: @quayaustralia at David Jones, General Pants, and Flo & Frankie.

Sporty luxe

You don’t have to save your pair of sporty, futuristic shades just for cycling or skiing, nor in fact do you have to participate in any strenuous activity whatsoever in order to rock these bad boys. The athleisure trend doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon, and this accessory is made for it. Go sleek with a dark, wraparound pair, or add a pop of colour with gradient, rainbow lenses. Shop the range at Sunglass Hut and David Jones.

Best for: Anyone who has to courage to rock them! The sharp angular lines can also help add definition to rounder faces.

Image source: @sunglasshut

Image source: @sunglasshut

Don’t be square

They’re bold, unapologetic and quite the contrast to our previous micro styles – this season, oversized and square sunglasses are making a huge comeback. Had a long night? Can’t be bothered doing your makeup? No problem! Grab a semi-translucent style in a blush, brown or green tone and pair with summer florals for a vintage '70s feel. Find yours at Sunglass Hut, David Jones, Lentes & Marcos and General Pants.

Best for: Works well to offset round and oval faces, but be careful not to pick one that is too wide for your face, as it will accentuate the widest points of your cheeks and give you that bugged-eyed look.

Image source: @maisonvalentino this brand is available at Sunglass Hut and David Jones.

Image source: @sunglasshut

Ageless aviators

Effortless aviators are a must-have in his or her wardrobe. A signature pair is worth the investment, as it’ll serve you for many years to come. If you’re keen to add a twist on a unisex classic this spring, look for styles with coloured, mirrored or oversized lenses, embellishments and intricate frame designs. Shop at Sunglass Hut, David Jones, Lentes & Marcos and General Pants for the perfect pair for you.

Best for: While aviators work with most face shapes, they’re particularly great for balancing square faces.

Image source: @sunglasshut

Image source: @quayaustralia this brand is available at David Jones, General Pants, and Flo & Frankie.

Pro tip: add a chain for the ultimate accessory combo and a surefire way to never lose your shades again.

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