The ultimate guide to looking after winter hair


The ultimate guide to looking after winter hair

Winter is here, and while this means plenty of time to look trés chic in oversized coats, statement boots and snug layers, our hair doesn’t always love the season as much as our wardrobe.

Unfortunately, the change of temperature doesn't lend itself to shiny, strong hair. The main cause of those brittle winter locks isn’t actually the cooler temperature, but the lack of moisture in the air. The constant shift between the outside chill to the warmth of indoor heating deprives our hair of its moisture, resulting in dull, dry hair that's more sensitive to damage. Sigh! Which means it's more important than ever right now to take extra care of that mane of yours.

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite hair care products to help prevent winter dryness and give you Rapunzel-worthy ends in no time.

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Nourish your hair with collagen

Your hair thrives when your body is healthy. To support healthy hair growth, try some collagen. Over time our bodies lose collagen, resulting in hair loss and fragile skin - less than ideal! Your hair responds to added collagen by building hair proteins and strengthening the skin that holds your hair roots.
Find the best collagen at Chemist Warehouse or Countdown.

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Shampoo less often

Shampooing too much strips your hair of the natural oils it produces. Try shampooing less frequently, and benefit from the added moisture by brushing the natural oils through your hair so it moisturises the mid-sections and ends. We recommend washing your locks every three to four days with a moisture-rich shampoo. Too oily in-between washes? Try dry shampoo to get you through.
We love: Living Proof Dry Shampoo available at MECCA.

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Don't skip out on the conditioner

In winter, conditioning your hair is more important than ever. It may sound obvious, but often this step is skipped in favour of more voluminous waves, or to get out of the house quickly after a slow start on a cold morning. In the colder months, change up your regular conditioner with a heavier product, those ends will thank you for it.
We love: The OGX Luxurious Moroccan Argan Crème Conditioner from Chemist Warehouse - all the benefits of a luxe conditioner at a fraction of the price.

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Try a silk pillowslip

Want to keep your hair shiny and smooth? Switch it up with a silk pillowslip - a cult product that has had beauty influencers regaling us of their benefits for years. If you suffer from dry or frizzy hair, you may notice a serious difference after investing in a silk pillowcase. Cotton is more absorbent than silk, so while cotton and linen pillowcases absorb moisture from your hair, silk leaves that hydration right where it belongs - in your hair. Plus, the silk is anti-frizz and more slippery, meaning less matting of the hair as you move throughout the night.
We love: The Sheridan silk pillowcase from Farmers or David Jones.

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Weekly hair masks

Go the extra mile in hair hydration by using a hair mask once a week. Think of a hair mask as similar to conditioner, but with bulked up benefits. Hair masks are perfect for that instant transformation, even if you need to put a bit of extra time in. Filled with nourishing oils and intense hydrating elements, they quickly work to improve those frustrating split ends and restore silkiness.
We love: The Davroe MC Masque the ultimate hydrating hair masque from Shampoo 'n' Things.

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Don't go out with wet hair

Apart from the freezing factor, there’s plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t go out in the cold with wet hair. Your hair is more vulnerable and fragile when wet. Cold tempratures expand the hair fibre and it can weaken your hair, causing damage. Our solution? Get your hands on a quality hairdrying tool.
We love: The new VS Sassoon hair dryer from the Elegance Range available at Farmers or Noel Leeming.

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Protect your hair

If you are applying heat to your hair – protect, protect, protect! Heat protectants add a barrier between your heated styling tool and your hair. This seals in moisture and fends away frizz. Heat protectant products also work to smooth the cuticle, leaving your hair looking smooth and feeling soft.
We love: Heat protection sprays from ghd, Kerastase Paris, and Redken available from Synergy Hair, Shampoo 'n' Things, Farmers and Chemist Warehouse.

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Finish the look with a hydrating hair oil

Add shine to your look and seal in that sough-after moisture!. Hair oils and serums also assist with frizz, flyaways, sleek ponytails, natural curl control and can be a daily protectant to weather exposure. 'Oil' doesn't have to translate to grease, either - try a dry oil for the shine without the added weight.
We love: The Olaplex no.7 Bonding oil available from Synergy Hair and Shampoo 'n' Things.

*Image source – @shampoonthings_newmarket

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