Te Ti Tutahi: Westfield Newmarket


Te Ti Tutahi: Westfield Newmarket

The Maori name for Newmarket is Te Ti Tutahi, meaning the sacred cabbage tree standing alone.

The original cabbage tree that stood at the foot of Mortimer Pass was a significant landmark for Maori and Pakeha settlers alike. This sacred ground was for Rangatira (chiefs) who used to bury their placenta under the tree to physically connect themselves to the land and they would meet here to discuss matters of the day.

To pay homage to this important landmark, artwork panels commissioned by local artist Peata Larkin adorn the facade of Westfield Newmarket.

A word from the artist:

"It was very important to me to pay tribute to Te Ti Tutahi and have done so by creating an abstract version that fits in with the overall design of the architecture yet holds its own. The treetop of Te Ti Tutahi towering over us, reminding us all to where it once stood and does again today in a majestic, abstract form." - Peata Larkin