A culinary journey through Westfield Newmarket


A culinary journey through Westfield Newmarket

International travel might be on hold, but our culinary wanderlust is stronger than ever! Put your appetite into full gear as we embark on a culinary journey through Westfield Newmarket.

Mad about Mexican

If you’re looking for a bit of spice and depth in flavour, lets taco’bout how delicious Baha Betty is! Serving up the time-honoured flavours of Mexico with the freshest ingredients, your tastebuds won’t have time for a siesta.

Our pick is the Tacos and we can’t go past! And their signature smoked brisket nachos.

Teleport to Italy

Ti amo Italian! From mouth-watering gnocchi to the perfect antipasto platter, Something & Social will have you teleported to Italy in no time. If you’re a pizza lover, Meat Lovers is simply divine, or if you’re looking for a crowd pleaser, try the Pepperoni - you won’t be left disappointed. Now go forth and mangia mangia!

Refined traditions

Japanese food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world – who doesn’t love sushi? With a mouth-watering selection of freshly-rolled sushi, IPPUDO to satisfy all yor cravings.

If you’re looking for modern Japanese dishes, including ramen, Bento Boxes and Tempura, try IPPUDO. We recommend the karaage chicken - it's lip-smackin' good!

A Greek feast

Craving an authentic Greek street food experience? Bodrum Market is where you need to go. From feta-loaded fries to lamb-filled gyros, you will feel like you’re strolling the cobble stone streets of Mykonos. If you’re looking for a complete Greek feast, sit down and devour the Greek meatballs, and don’t forget to add an array of sides for the ultimate experience.

Burgers and fries, oh my!

Looking for the ultimate American experience? Look no further than Corner Burger
Their range of burger and fries will have you cheering for the Yankees in no time. The corner classic to the fried chicken, there is something to satisfy every tastebud. Dietary requirements? Not to worry, their vegetarian, gluten free options will ensure no one misses out.

Oriental banquet

Journey through China without ever leaving Westfield Newmarket – at White + Wongs, you’ll feel a world away. Baskets of dumplings, fluffy pork buns, beef tendon and mango pudding for dessert are just a few of our favourites. Bring your friends or your extended family, the banquet will have you walking (or rolling) out the door with that top button undone.

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