Did you know Mister Minit does all this?


Did you know Mister Minit does all this?

Mister Minit, Level 1

Did you know Mister Minit does all this?!

Those pesky zippers

Zippers can be frustrating when they don't zip up, especially when you're ready to head out the door.
Mister Minit can fix worn runners, align the teeth of zippers and even replace the entire zipper when it no longer meets or will not zip up.

Bring your shoes in today for a quote!

UGG Life

Working from home has never been cosier, with the latest trend in work shoes… Ugg boots! It’s all about that #ugglife, but if you find your beloved ugg’s are looking a little worse for wear, do not fear…
Bring your cosy footwear into any Mister Minit for:

✅ Stitching
✅ Patching
✅ Re-soling
✅ Innersoles
✅ Deodorise, and
✅ Water & Stain protection

…and slide back into the cosy-life with Shoe repair services at Mister Minit!

Looking to spruce up your timepiece?

Mister Minit have over 80 fashion watchband designs that are ready to be fitted by our team. Styles include:

⌚️ Genuine Leather
⌚️ Stainless Steel
⌚️ Gold Plated
⌚️ Hypo-allergenic
⌚️ Double stitched, and
⌚️ Flexi bands
⌚️ Silicone

Ask about their bands for iWatches to suit your personal style..

Maintain that leather!

Maintaining the moisture of your leather shoes is so important, especially in the cool, dryer months...Mister Minit have got you sorted!

Apply Mister Minit Leather Conditioner to your shoes, handbags and other leather garments to avoid drying and cracking leather over time; remembering leather is just like skin.

✔️One simple step to prolong the life of all your leather favourites!

Mister Minit