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Pandora: This is Be Love

Pandora, Level 1

Be in the moment. Be love.
Remember the moment you knew. Be love.
Give a piece of your heart. Be love.
The key to everything. Be love.
Unlock your love story.
If “I love you” was a gift.
Charm candy.
Love looks good on you.

Pure love meets pure sterling silver.
Be stronger together. Just like mixed metals.
Artfully designed hand-finished jewellery at the heart of it all.
14k gold-plated perfection.
Hand-painted pieces put the art in gifting.
You go together like silver and gold.

Pandora will help you find “the one”.
Find special last-minute surprises.
Need help finding a gift? It’s a date.

Celebrate her. Be love.
Make memories. Be love.
Thank her again and again. Be love.
For Mum. Be love.
Tell her. Thank her. Be love.
Be her gift. Be love.
It’s your turn. Be love.
Think of her. Be love.


Next to Pascoes the Jewellers and opposite Life Pharmacy