Say cheese: 5 tips for dressing kids for Santa photos


Say cheese: 5 tips for dressing kids for Santa photos

The man himself, Santa Claus, is on his way, arriving at Westfield via a special parade very soon! You know what this means – it’s your chance to capture your tiny tot’s first Santa photo, or maybe make up for last year’s disaster (even though they make for a pretty great memory too).

Even though all kids' photos with Santa are cute, it’s the ones where your little one is happy and having fun that you’ll love the most. Kids won’t enjoy themselves if they’re uncomfortable and often the wrong outfit or shoes is to blame for tantrums mid-queue.

So, before you head off to visit Santa, equip yourself with these tips that might just help in creating a beautiful photo you’ll have framed in the house for many years to come.

Pictured: Find these styles at Cotton On Kids.

If it makes life easier, let them decide what to wear

Have a stubborn Little Miss or Mr? Don’t get too attached to the idea of your boy or girl wearing something you've had picked out for weeks, because we all know anything can happen on the day! Your little one should feel comfortable and confident in what they wear – even if that means his favourite Spiderman costume.

Comfort is key, always

Frilly lace dresses and tiny tuxedos are adorable, but they rarely work for a trip to visit Santa. If kids have to wait in line in an itchy dress, a restricting suit or uncomfortable shoes, you are risking a mighty tantrum! Instead, choose an outfit that will let your kids be free to play and move. For babies and infants, consider a Christmas-themed onesie. For boys and girls that are a little older, go for elastic pants, a soft button-up, a loose-fitting dress or sneakers.

Similarly, avoid dressing the kids in anything new, just in case. For example, if your girl only ever wears skirts and dresses, today is not the day to try a pair of shorts – no matter how cute they are!

Pictured: Find these styles at Kmart

Get dressed right before you leave the house

If you’re a mum or dad, you’ll know kids can get messy in record time. Once you’ve got their outfit picked out, set it aside until you're almost ready to leave – especially if it’s a special ensemble. By doing this you’ll avoid last-minute accidents and spills that will just add to the stress.

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Ask yourself what clothes suit your child’s personality right now

Cute photos with Santa can stay in the family for decades and it’s so nice to look back on them. We all look at childhood photos and fondly remember pieces of clothing. This is your chance to capture your child’s personality at this point in time. What do they love wearing at the moment? What games and sports do they love to play? What is their favourite colour? This will also make sure they’re comfortable and wearing something they’re used to.

Pictured: Find these styles at Postie.

Take some emergency items

Regardless of your precise planning and best intentions, it’s always best to pack a spare T-shirt or dress, just in case. With kids, you never know what could happen between leaving the house and meeting Santa! A hair brush is great too, so you can give their hair a quick brush just before the photo. Lastly, make sure you have some wet wipes handy for last-minute clean-ups – especially if you’re stopping for lunch first.

Take props as back up

Last but certainly not least, we suggest packing a few props or toys on your trip to meet Santa. A Christmas book or headphones playing Christmas tunes will keep kids entertained (and distracted!) while waiting in line, while a stuffed reindeer or Christmas tree will be a source of comfort even while the photos are being snapped.

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