On track: race day heels


On track: race day heels

The criteria of a race day shoe may seem never ending; they need to match you outfit, fit the attire of the specific race day you are attending and they can’t leave you not being able to walk after an hour. To help you on what may sometimes seem like an impossible quest we have suggested what you should be looking out for when you hit the shoe shops.


Compliment your outfit that you have been fussing over for weeks with a nice pair of subtle, nude shoes. You can't go wrong with a natural colour and it will give your outfit the chance to shine on the day.

*__Clockwise from top left: __*Rubie heels from Hannahs, Maya platform wedge from Decjuba, Carter wedge from Witchery, Roma slingback from Mi Piaci, Maxine pump from Mi Piaci, Marcela pump from Merchant 1948


This one is simple because the only colours you need to decide from are black and white. With spring well and truly here you will have so many styles to choose from and you won't struggle to find shoes that pair perfectly with your monochrome outfit.

*__Clockwise from top left: __*Bruno pump from Mi Piaci, Mini polka dot heels from Seed Heritage, heel from Merchant 1948, Olivia mule from Mi Piaci, Amy minimal heel from Decjuba, Delilah heel from Country Road.

Bright and bold

Have a bit of fun and get experimenting with your accessories. We are talking bold accessories and picking a pair of shoes that maybe you wouldn't normally go for.

*__Clockwise from top left: __*Eevi soft blue heel from Novo Shoes, Upper East Poppy heel from Novo Shoes, Raccey heels from Hannahs, Rosko high heel from Mi Piaci, Starla mule from Mi Piaci, Malibu pump from Merchant 1948.

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