Cosy up: winter trends for the whole family


Cosy up: winter trends for the whole family

I feel really bad for winter as a season. Each time it comes around, the typical harassment of its character begins, like comments about the wind being ice cold, the rain pouring down too hard or it being too dry for our skin. In an age of inclusiveness, we must embrace the positives of winter! What positives, you say? We’re luckier than New Yorkers, who have to suffer through snow storms and marshmallow-like puffer jackets, and Londoners, who have to deal with constant rain and trying to coordinate gumboots with every outfit. I say Kiwis are pretty winter-lucky!

In winter, you get to layer up from head to toe, avoiding FOMO when it comes to deciding which piece to wear. Winter gives us a plethora of accessories, so if you end up wearing the same outfit twice, play a little trick on the mind and switch up your scarf or add a belt. And who doesn’t love to be cocooned in a toasty woollen coat?

But one of the greatest things about winter is the trends that come with it. Here's what to add to your wardrobe this season, for men, women and kids.

For her

A coat can instantly elevate your outfit. Have some fun this season with prints or experiment with colour, as I’m sure you don’t want to add black coat number five to your wardrobe.

Pictured: Coat from Glassons, Scarf from Country Road, Belt from Glassons, Boots from Dotti and Dress from Dotti

For him

Knits are a cold weather go-to, but steer away from the habitual grey and cream tones and give colour a go this season. The best thing about knits is you can wear them in a variety of ways, like with different pants, under puffer jackets or with a blazer. And here’s a chill-saver for winter: keep a lookout for knits that are made from wool for instant warmth.

Pictured: Coat from Sportscraft, Pant from Rodd & Gunn, Belt from Rodd & Gunn and Crew Knit from Jeanswest.

For kids

Keep your kids cosy and cute by adding great accessories to their wardrobes this winter. You can never go wrong with scarves, so buy them in all shapes, sizes and hues. But winter accessories don’t stop there: let the kids have fun in cute hats, gloves and side bags.

Girls outfit on left, pictured clockwise from top left to right: Seed felt pom pom cap, Seed colour block gloves, Seed plush flap purse, Country Road glitter gumboot, Country Road rib tights in navy, Seed sequin tutu in ice pink, Country Road heart Intarsia knit.

Boys outfit on right, pictured clockwise from top left to right: Country Road owl knit, Esprit check shirt, Clarks Chelsea boot, Country Road cuffed denim jean.

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