This is what your go-to eyeshadow says about your personality


This is what your go-to eyeshadow says about your personality

Is there a better way to express your personality than with makeup? We don’t think so. The perfect tool for self-expression, colour cosmetics are the most personality-packed accessory there are. Just think – there might be five ways to style a chocolate leather tote, but deep brown eyeshadow? The options are endless.

Yep, if you ask us, eyeshadow is the Queen when it comes to indulging your creativity with cosmetics. Ever wondered what your go-to eyeshadow says about your personality? Whether you prefer to keep to matte neutrals, are best known for your vibrant, multi-coloured eye looks, or never leave the house without some form of sparkle, keep reading to discover the statement you’ve been making with your eye makeup.

Nudes and neutrals:

You value routine and predictability and don’t like surprises. Bright colours are not your speed, and everything from your wardrobe to décor would be best described as ‘minimalist’. Naturally, you’re drawn to nude eyeshadows. (Whatever that looks like for your skin tone.) Neutral shades are foolproof and flattering – this is a colour palette that will never fail you. If you're after a subtle look, apply a soft touch of colour across the whole lid. We recommend the Rimmel London Magnif'Eyes Eyeshadow Palette in Spice from Farmers.

For something bolder, blend a darker shade at the crease of your eye to create depth. If you’re feeling experimental, finish with a hint of shimmer at the inner corners of your eyes – this technique makes your eyes appear bigger. Try the Maybelline Nudes of New York eyeshadow palette available at Life Pharmacy.

Image credit: @maybelline

Colour pop:

You're bold, confident, and can work a makeup brush like nobody’s business. For you, the options of playing with different shades are endless. From a single block colour that compliments your eyes, to blending three tones all on one lid, vivid colour is your friend and you're not afraid to wear it.

Dip your toe in with a single block colour and coordinate your shade of choice with your outfit. If you're on the hunt for a palette packed with an array of colours, we recommend the the Chi Chi Super Nude Palette available at Farmers or the Austraia Cosmetics Beach Days palette also available at Farmers. These palettes will provide you with every bright and beautiful shade possible.

For something dramatic – like your personality – try blending multiple colours to create a bold look. We like the MAC Art Library Palette available at Farmers. Take it further with a slick of liquid liner.

Image credit: @beautyatfarmers

Image credit: @beautyatfarmers

Image credit: @maccosmeticsaustralia

Sparkle and shine

Are you a magpie when it comes to glitter and sparkle? If so, you're the life of the party and used to all eyes being on you. There are so many options when it comes to shimmer and shine so don’t be afraid to get experimental with different colours and textures.

If you love a single-tone shimmer eye, we recommend applying with the pad of your finger. Yep, you heard right! Dab your ring finger over the shadow then pat it across your lid – the warmth of your skin helps the product to blend. Try the Designer Brands Mauve on Mercury Eyeshadow Palette an eyeshadow palette for day-appropriate sparkle available at Life Pharmacy. Alternatively, if you're wanting to go bold, give the highly pigmented Katy Kat palette a go available at Farmers.

Image credit: @beautyatfarmers

If you're more about a hint of glitter, opt for a shimmery liner instead – these come in all shades. Try the MAC glitter pots available at Farmers.

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