Puppy love: keep your best bud warm this winter


Puppy love: keep your best bud warm this winter

Although you can't give your dog a hot chocolate to sip on to help warm them up, there are plenty of other ways to keep them cosy. From blankets to clothing, your best bud will be living it up this winter.

Beds and blankets

When winter arrives we usually put on our flannelette sheets and thicker blankets on the bed, so don't forget to make sure your dogs bedding also adjusts for the new season. Whether it's extra blankets or a new, warmer bed there are plenty of things to do to make sure that they are warm when the temperature drops at night.

Pictured above, clockwise from the top left: Kmart pet cave, Kmart Reversible pet blanket, Kmart dog bed, Kmart pet teepee, Kmart Rectangular Thermal pet mat, Kmart Artificial Fur pet blanket and Kmart pet lounge.


As cute as it may be, dog clothing is also very functional during winter. The breed will effect how much help they will need to stay warm, as well as the age and size of the dog. If they are spending a lot of time outside opt for a coat that is also waterproof to protect them if there is any rain.

Pictured above, clockwise from the top left: Kmart Pet knit jumper, Kmart pet pyjamas, Kmart pet puffer jacket, Kmart dog beanie with ears, Kmart dog raincoat, Kmart pet socks and Kmart Water Resistant pet vest.


A lot of dogs spend an extended amount of time indoors throughout the cold season, so make sure you keep them entertained. Plenty of toys should keep them occupied and happy, and hopefully stop them from touching anything else in the house.

Pictured above, clockwise from the top left: Kmart Squeaky Food pet toy, Kmart Plush Bear pet toy, Kmart pet frisbee, Kmart textured bone dog toy, Kmart ball pet toy, Kmart dog sling rope and Kmart dog treat puzzle.

Want to keep his heart warm as well? A treat and belly rub should do the trick.




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