Party planning: DIY balloon planets


Party planning: DIY balloon planets

Balloons are the biggest trend in kids parties right now. Adult's parties too for that matter. Everywhere we look on Pinterest there are epic balloon garlands and unicorn balloon installations. And although they are complete show stoppers, we thought we would put together what is possibly the easiest balloon DIY ever, DIY planet balloons.

No matter how craft-challenged you may be, you can do this; ANYONE can do this. And the best thing about this party DIY is that balloon planets are entirely gender-neutral, can be made in any colour to fit a theme and you can use them as decoration then hand them out at the end of the party with the lolly bags.

So if you're planning a party for superheroes, Toy Story fans, Storm Troopers or tiny astronauts... this one's for you.


  • Round balloons
  • Long balloons
  • plastic balloon holders


First, head out to Westfield and pick up all of your materials. We got ours from Kmart.

Inflate your round balloons about halfway full. The smaller they are, the rounder (and more like planets) they will look. The colours will also be super-vibrant.

Now tie the balloons and fix them onto the plastic holders.

Next, inflate a long balloon about halfway full (so there is a lot of uninflated balloon left at the end. Before you tie it off, check to see if the inflated part will reach all the way around the first balloon tightly. Now tie it off and then tie the uninflated bit to the knot, making a hoop.

Now just slide it over the round balloon, no need to stick it on, if you have made it the right length, it should sit there nicely.

And that's it. These can be made the day before because the balloons are only half way inflated, they stay happy for longer. We just used standard priced balloons, and they were still perfect little planets five days later.

Story by Barbara O'Reilly, explore more on her Instagram @patchworkcactus.

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