5 reasons Country Road are devoted to Australian Merino wool


5 reasons Country Road are devoted to Australian Merino wool

Winter forces us to think more carefully about the fibres we wear. The snap of icy mornings and cool evenings means the layer between our body and the outside world starts to become critical. Australian Merino wool carries a host of superpowers that make it incredibly warm, resilient, and importantly, luxurious to wear.

In their latest autumn/winter 2019 collection, Country Road continue to support Australian Merino wool with classic knitwear pieces reinvented for the new season. Read on to discover why Country Road sees Australian Merino Wool as the ultimate natural fibre to keep you cosy and stylish this winter.

Pictured above: Country Road Traceable wool cardigan

Traceable and sustainable

Country Road have launched an exciting new project, the Australian Traceable Merino collection which allows them to trace each and every fibre to a small number of Australian farms. As well as ensuring where their Merino wool comes from, the fibre is also sustainable as it regenerates naturally every year and is biodegradable.

Pictured above: Country Road Traceable wool V-Neck in grey marle

Breathable and moisture wicking

The most comfortable fibres are breathable fibres. As you heat up, the moisture created in the air between your body and Merino wool will be absorbed up and out into the air through the fibres, keeping you dry and ultra comfortable.

Luxuriously tactile

Merino fibres are extremely fine, making it feel incredibly soft against the skin. It also doesn’t cause itch like some other wools.

Pictured above: Country Road Traceable wool V-Neck in emerald


No one wants to wrangle with misshapen or warped knits. Merino wool has natural elasticity that means it not only falls beautifully around the body, but it will move with you without stretching or wrinkling.

Temperature control

Merino wool is responsive to changes in your body temperature. When you’re warm moisture will escape due to Merino’s breathability, and when you’re cold it is excellent at creating insulation to keep you warm.

Head to Country Road at your local Westfield to discover the luxurious warmth, comfort and style of Australian Merino wool this season.

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