The Body Shop x Wā collective Campaign


The Body Shop x Wā collective Campaign

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Every day, people everywhere are ashamed about one of the most natural things in the world. And in New Zealand, one in three menstruating students have skipped class because they don't have access to menstrual products. Periods are normal, but missing out on life shouldn't be, PERIOD.

This August, The Body Shop will be launching a New Zealand wide campaign in partnership with Wā Collective to help bring an end to Period Poverty in our country. 

As a starting point, the New Zealand Government has begun to tackle this problem by allocating funds towards providing free period products in a selection of schools in the Waikato. 
However, this is just scratching the surface and the only products available are tampons and pads. 

On behalf of Wā, The Body Shop wants to raise funds to provide free period cups to people and schools in need through Women’s Health Collectives and contacts that Wā have established (with more pending). 
The benefits of period cups are endless. But two main reasons we believe in this cause is the opportunity to save an individual a massive amount of money (as a cup has a life span of 10 years) and the environmental impact of saving a considerable number of tampons and pads from heading to landfill. 


Donate at The Body Shop stores Nationwide or online.

Speak up! Let’s spark open, honest conversations about periods.

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