Rembrandt’s Aspiring Collection


Rembrandt’s Aspiring Collection

What does the modern man demand from their wares? Formal, but not too formal. Strong, but relaxed. Innovative, but not flashy. A tall order.

Rembrandt’s latest capsule collection, Aspiring, answers the call and successfully delivers uncompromising performance alongside exceptional quality menswear. Moreover, this collection is the ideal fit for travel due to the abundant benefits of merino.

Aspiring includes the beautifully tailored suits, jackets and trousers you’ve come to admire from Rembrandt, complemented by pure merino wool shirts and outerwear. The McCahon shirt is a revolution in terms of both comfort and easy-care performance, while the Hillary raincoat combines the natural benefits of merino wool with a waterproof, breathable membrane. Together the entire Aspiring collection marries form and function, beautifully.

Each garment traces its origin to the heart of the New Zealand South. The world-leading ZQ merino certification ensures an incomparable quality of fibre, while reinforcing the all-important values of sustainability and community.

Following the careful selection of fibre from New Zealand farms, the ZQ merino is delivered to northern Italy, where experts have woven luxury-quality wool for more than 150 years. ZQ is a New Zealand Merino initiative providing the highest quality of merino wool to the world and truly sets a new standard in quality for conscious consumers. ZQ accredited farmers must meet the highest standards of environment management, farming practices, and animal welfare.

Why merino? Won’t the wool cause heating and discomfort? You’ll find that merino wool has the innate ability to respond to the body and environment. When encountering heat, merino breathes, keeping the wearer cool and dry. As temperatures drop, merino responds accordingly to keep the wearer warm.

Merino wool is also proven to be the best clothing option to naturally combat odour. Enabling you to go longer between washes and in turn increase the longevity of your garment. Waterproof, breathable, and durable. Merino ticks all the boxes that one wouldn’t expect from wool. In addition, innovative spinning technology allows these garments to be machine washable. If that wasn’t enough, merino is naturally crease resistant. Combined, these attributes make merino wool garments perfect for travel.

Aspiring. Individually, each piece marries function, sustainability, and style. Together? It’s the whole package.