Ashley Allen has arrived at Westfield St Lukes


Ashley Allen has arrived at Westfield St Lukes

Ashley Allen Eyelash Extensions has just opened at Westfield St Lukes! Founded by Ashley Allen in 2008 this lash bar is a must if you need to up your lash game. Her undeniable talent, passion and skills have been endorsed by many local celebrities including Jay Jay Harvey, Valerie Adams and Matilda Rice. Ashley Allen’s custom blends and bespoke ‘for the client’ design sees her create the ultimate in lash perfection. However, it was her small beginnings almost 12 years ago that make for a truly inspirational story.

Ashley has always wanted to open in a mall and we are beyond excited to make her dream come true and welcome her to Westfield St Lukes in mid-April. This dream that stemmed from her time working in a pharmacy while in her teens where she had the opportunity to learn the basics in eyelash extensions which she then tirelessly practiced on her friends and family. Her passion for providing beautiful and flawless eyelashes grew this hobby into the successful business she runs today. “They say if you believe in your dreams they can come true,” says Ashley.

Building real relationships with her customers has been key to her success. One of her existing customers expresses “I feel like I’m coming home every time I come in”.

Having curated her very own eyelash collection, Ashley’s beautiful human hair false strip lashes are available for purchase in all her stores. The products are cruelty free and don’t use any mink or animal products which is part of her commitment to provide safe, beautiful and flawless eyelash extensions to enhance every women’s natural beauty.

While also running a highly successful business Ashley has launched Petal, a charity that exists to give lashes to women who have lost their lashes through chemotherapy and radiation. The purpose behind Petal Charitable Trust is to inspire hope and increase confidence and self-esteem, supporting women with love, respect and compassion in what can be the most devastating time in their lives. “It’s not just about the lashes. It’s about what they represent and how they make you feel. It’s beauty with strength and confidence”.

Visit Ashley Allen Eyelash Extensions on level 2 today.