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Inspiration for crafting the perfect Christmas tablescape

At Christmas, your table is more than just a spot to enjoy a meal, it transforms into a cherished space for family and friends to gather, laugh, celebrate, and connect. It hosts battles of bonbons, resonates with the clinking of champagne glasses and is the stage for a festive feast. It becomes the backdrop to Christmas memories for years to come. 

Your Christmas table sets the mood for the day and decorating is a great chance to flex your artistic muscles so get creative with your choice of crockery, candles, florals, toys, and lights!  

There are a heap of ways to style your table, such as ‘classic Christmas’ (if you’re a traditional at heart), ‘merry minimalism’ (if you’re très chic), or ‘eclectic bohemia’ (if you’re after something bold and beautiful). 

So, without further ado, here are our favourite Christmas tablescapes to suit any taste.  

Woodland wonder

Pairing perfectly with a Christmas tree, a woodland wonder tablescape brings the enchantment of the forest into your home. Marked by earthy tones, shades of green and rustic accents, this tablescape evokes a sense of tranquil magic. Decorate with anything you’d find in the woods, such as pinecones and twigs or even small wooden animals. Match with wooden tableware and you’re onto a winner.

Botanical bliss

Inspired by nature, this tablescape will transform your living space into a botanical bliss. Vibrant and lively, it bursts with greenery, lush foliage, and vibrant florals. To keep the atmosphere festive, we recommend using a primarily red and green floral arrangement but don’t feel like you have to! Using earthy tones for your decorations, tableware and base will complement any leafy greens and will help create a sense of tranquillity and freshness.

Merry minimalism

Stylish, simplistic, and elegant, a merry minimalistic table keeps your space looking clean and chic. This theme fully embraces clean lines, simple colour schemes and modern style. Start with a white base and decorate sparingly but deliberately. Symmetry and space are your best friends, so don’t overcrowd your table and take a step back to see if anything stands out as unusual. You can still showcase some Christmas spirit but do so understatedly through splashes of red and green and some wooden decorations. 

Santa's workshop

Want to fully bring Christmas to life? Then a Santa’s workshop themed table is your best bet. Fun, vibrant, colourful, and perfect for kids (or kids at heart), a Santa’s workshop themed table transforms your home into a reflection of the bustling north pole. There’s only one rule you need to follow - make sure everything screams Christmas. Mini presents, bonbons, Santa plates, Rudolph cups, toy soldiers, candy canes, plenty of colour - the list goes on and on. Go big, have fun, and in the end, enjoy a festive table dripping with red and green.

Classic Christmas

Nothing says Christmas like red and green. The colours are synonymous with the festive season and although traditional, they certainly aren’t boring. We recommend fully committing and using them for absolutely everything, from your tableware and decorations to the bonbons and candles. Adding a few touches of silver and gold will look nice and if you want the bold colours to pop even more, use a crisp white tablecloth as your base.

Festive cheer

*Source: Bed Bath N Table

Christmas can certainly be stressful, especially if you’re the one in charge of cooking, shopping, and decorating; so, we understand if all you want on Christmas day is to sit down and relax in a cheery, cosy, festive setting that’s warm and inviting. Stripped back and simple, this tablescape lets you, your family and friends do the talking. Make things as easy as possible for yourself and start with a simple base and add only what you need or what makes you happy. We recommend adding some Christmas themed knick-knacks as they’ll make the table feel more homely and inviting.

Light and bright

Warm Christmas Days in the southern hemisphere call for tablescapes made up of light colours and materials. Let the summery seafood and colourful salads take centre stage and pare back the napery with simple neutrals. Whether indoors or al fresco, this setting feels bright and summery and so inviting for a long Christmas lunch.

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